Maxon America Handheld Portable Two Way Radios


 Handheld Radios

With Maxon Handheld Radios you can find the perfect communication tool for your business. We have a variety of radios to choose from for your communication needs. Simple and user friendly radios make your job easy, because we can help you connect with ease.

Big businesses and small can use our highly anticipated digital radios. The TPD-1000 is a rugged and durable radio perfect for industrial use, while the TPD-8000  is a sleek and lightweight handheld ideal for retail, hotels, and small business use. Most noteworthy our popular line of radios including the TP-5000 and TP-8000 series that are powerful and easy to use.

The Maxon radios work with with a variety of accessories to enhance their power. With ear speakers, microphones and more connection is easier than ever.

Experience a new beginning with Maxon handheld radios for your business.