History of Maxon

Maxon America’s history started in Seoul South Korea in 1974 as a manufacturer of consumer electronics and quickly became a leader in OEM manufacturing. From the 1970s and through the 80s & 90s, Maxon grew, producing high-quality CB radios, radar detectors, cordless phones, pagers, cellular phones, and land mobile radio products for distribution all over the world. In addition to Maxon-branded products, Maxon
also manufactured as an OEM for several companies such as Southwestern Bell, Midland, and Cobra.
Its international offices expanded to Australia, Singapore, and Europe, and manufacturing facilities were established in Thailand, Philippines, and throughout South Korea.

In 2004, Chongho Information & Communications Company (CIC) acquired Maxon’s Two Way Radio Division from Maxon Korea in 2004 and created the company known today as Maxon CIC in Seoul, South Korea, who is a factory partner with Maxon America.

Transition to TecNet and Maxon America

TecNet International, Inc. was established during the year 2000 in Kansas City as a supplier of Maxon’s
data / telemetry radio products for the South American markets. Midland Radio Corp initially offered Maxon Products in North America, but eventually eliminated the brand and its offerings, leaving TecNet as the sole supplier for Maxon in North and South America.

TecNet International officially became Maxon America, Inc. in 2017, and with a full product line of Land Mobile Radios (LMR), Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) radios, and the original Maxon data telemetry modules, the Maxon brand continues its long tradition of high-quality electronics & communications products and has established customers world-wide.

Future of Maxon America

Maxon America is proudly head quartered in Lenexa, Kansas, just outside of Kansas City where we have our sales, technical support, and repair departments. Contact us via email, phone, fax, or direct message us through our social media accounts for more information or to find a Maxon dealer near you.