History of Maxon

The original company of Maxon established itself in 1974. Within 10 years they became a leader in OEM manufacturing of consumer electronics. The next 20 years saw unprecedented growth in the manufacturing of CB radios, radar detectors, cordless phones, pagers, cellular phones, and land mobile radio products. In addition to the Maxon branded products, a few of the higher profile companies that Maxon manufactured for included Southwestern Bell and Cobra. The Maxon headquarters were located in Seoul, Korea and the establishment of offices around the world grew to include Maxon America, Maxon Australia, Maxon Singapore, and Maxon Europe. Through these locations, the offering and distribution of products now became worldwide. Additional manufacturing facilities were established in Thailand, Philippines, and throughout South Korea.

In the late 90’s, a financial crisis had spread throughout much of Asia causing turmoil for many companies. It was also during this time, the manufacturing growth and capability in China were forcing lower prices on electronic manufacturing. This combination caused certain cutbacks and for Maxon to focus on returning to financial stability. These events eventually led to Chongho Information & Communications Company (CIC) acquiring the Maxon Two Way Radio Division from Maxon Korea in 2004 and creating the company known today as Maxon CIC.

Transition to TecNet

In the year 2000, TecNet International, Inc. was established as a supplier of Maxon data radio products for the South American markets, and Topaz3 oversaw the distribution of Maxon products in North America. In the following years, Topaz3 was combined with Midland Radio Corp. and eventually the Maxon brands were eliminated from their offerings. During this same time, TecNet maintained their offering of Maxon products throughout North and South America which eventually led them to become the sole supplier.

Future of Maxon America

TecNet International officially changed it’s name to Maxon America, Inc. in 2017 and incorporated their product line of Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) radios and data telemetry modules into the brand.