SD-670DE Series DMR – RF Data Modem

SD-671DE V2 – VHF (150-174 MHz)
 SD-674DE U2 – UHF (410-470 MHz)
  • Power Output Programmable Per Channel:
    10/5/1W for VHF, 5/1W for UHF
  • DMR Tier II TDMA/Analog
  • 32 Channels (Dip Switch)
  • 9V to 24V DC Operation
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Modem Already Integrated into Radio
  • RF Communication Data Speed 9600bps (OTA)
  • Digital Voice uses AMBE+2 Voice Codec
  • DE-15 Pin Female Connector, TTL Serial
  • Built-In AT Commands
  • AES-256-Bit Encryption (AES-CTR)


SD-670DE Series DMR – RF Data Modem

Maxon’s SD-670DE Series of Radio-Frequency data modems are rugged, reliable, and designed for a variety of RF applications in either Digital or Analog mode like SCADA, Call boxes, Weather stations, Water pumps, Remote Controls, and can even be used together with another SD-670DE to make a Low Power Repeater. AES-256-Bit Encryption for NSA-Level security on both voice and data communication; Encryption feature is compatible with other Maxon radios that have AES Encryption.

SD-670DEs incorporate Maxon’s popular mechanical footprint and a BNC antenna connection. Its die-cast aluminum housing shields the radio from RF interference and gives exceptional durability in the most extreme environments. Transmit power settings between 1W, 5W, and 10W* (*VHF only) provide the power needed for any job and the LED indicator gives an instant, on-sight status of the radio’s operation. Reduce the operating power needed for this device with the Power Save* feature in SD-670DE’s programming software.

The SD-670DE is durable, secure, and versatile. It is the ideal radio for the harshest of system demands.

Whether implementing a new system or installing into an existing system, the Maxon family of data telemetry radios has been the choice of OEM and end-users worldwide for over 35 years.


  • TB-150BN - VHF (148-174 MHz) 6" Antenna, BNC
  • TB-450BN - UHF (400-512 MHz) 6" Uncut Antenna, BNC
  • G8BI - Mag Mount Base, 12' coax, BNC Connector; Requires QW152 or QW450
  • G8BI20 - Mag Mount Base, 20' coax, BNC Connector; Requires QW152 or QW450
  • QW152 - 18" VHF Wave Antenna (NMO Type): Use with G8BI or G8BI20
  • QW450 - 6" UHF Wave Antenna (NMO Type): Use with G8BI or G8BI20
  • ACC-HSNF - Aluminum Black Anodized Pin Style - Flat Mount
  • ACC-670/N - Programming Software
  • ACC-6016E - Programming Cable (USB)


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Our radios are for professional use and most require an FCC, IC (Canada), or CE Red (Europe) license to import and/or operate. Please contact us to find a local Maxon dealer: Call: (800) 456-2071 OR Email:

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