MDM-4000 Series Mobile

MDM-4124 50W VHF (136-174 MHz)
MDM-4424 45W UHF (406-470 MHz)
  • 50W VHF/45W UHF
  • Bright OLED Display
  • 2048 Channels/64 Zones/1024 Ch Per Zone
  • Tier 2 DMR, Analog, & Mixed Mode
  • Compatible w/MOTOTRBO Radios
  • AES Encryption (AES-CTR, 256bit Standard)
  • 240 Contacts
  • Text Messaging
  • Stun/Revive
  • Lone Worker
  • Time Out Timer
  • CTCSS, DCS Tones
  • Remote Monitor
  • Voice Recorder
  • Single Frequency Repeater (Optional)
  • Transmit Inhibit (Optional)
  • Motorola/DMRA AES Encryption (Optional)


MDM-4000 Series DMR Mobile

Our MDM-4000 Series mobile radios are high-powered, high-performance DMR Tier 2 Digital / Analog radios at an economical price. With all the channels and contacts you will ever need at your fingertips and a clear OLED display for great visibility in day or night environments, the MDM-4000 mobile radio is an indispensable LMR mobile with the best features of DMR Digital like clear audio, SMS texting, Direct Call, Voice Record, and 256bit AES Encryption standard for secure communications.

Factory Options like Single Frequency Repeater allow you to extend the range of your DMR fleet into areas that previously were dead zones.

Base station packages available.

The Maxon MDM-4000 package comes complete with the radio, microphone, mounting hardware and user manual.

If you have questions about the Maxon MDM-4000 Series Radio, please contact us.


  • G8PI – Mag Mount Base, 12′ coax, BNC Connector; Requires QW152 or QW450
  • G8PI20 – Mag Mount Base, 20′ coax, BNC Connector; Requires QW152 or QW450
  • QWI152 – 18″ VHF 1/4 Wave Antenna (NMO Type): Use with G8PI or G8PI20
  • QW450 – 6″ UHF 1/4 Wave Antenna (NMO Type): Use with G8PI or G8PI20
  • ACC-800 – Heavy Duty Mobile Microphone
  • ACC-802M – Base Station Desktop Microphone
  • ACC-SB1 – External Speaker, 3.5 mm Plug, 4 Watts
  • XRC-31 – Repeater Cable
  • TB-EPS – Base Station Enclosure with Built-In Power Supply
  • MS-0730 - 14 Amp Power Supply, 110V/220V AC
  • ACC-MDM(N) - Programming Software
  • ACC-8025E - Programming Cable (USB)


  • MDM-4000 Series Spec Sheet - DOWNLOAD
  • MDM-4000 Series Owners Manual - DOWNLOAD


Q: What do the display icons mean for the MDM-4000 Series mobile?   A: Please refer to this image:

How to Buy

Our radios are for professional use and most require an FCC, IC (Canada), or CE Red (Europe) license to import and/or operate. Please contact us to find a local Maxon dealer: Call: (800) 456-2071 Email:

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