MDS Series Digital / Analog Radio Loudspeakers

MDS-1400 (10W) Wall Plug

MDS-2400 (20W) Wall Plug

MDS-3400 (10W) Ceiling Mount (Circle)

  • Receive-Only (Rx) Radio Wireless Speaker System
  • Works with any DMR Tier II Digital or Analog UHF radio in 400-470 UHF Band
  • Single Channel (Store up to 32 additional Channels; Selectable via CPS SW)
  • Programmable DMR / Analog / Mixed Mode per Channel
  • Unlimited # of Speakers & Portable Radios can be used
  • Range 2+ miles (Depending on Tx radio power & antenna positioning)
  • Private Call, All Call, or create Groups to use only specific loudspeakers in DMR
  • CTCSS/DCS can be used in analog mode to access specific loudspeakers.
  • Broadcast Alerts via your portable radio for Emergencies
  • Programmable via Bluetooth Dongle
  • Portable w/wall plug or ceiling mount version (AC 110V)
  • MDS-3400 ceiling speaker uses a 110VAC to 12VDC power supply to power the speaker. AC power plug can be removed for connection to a junction box.
  • Back Up Battery (5-Hr Broadcasting, 9-Hr Standby)
  • Maxon MDP-6424 portable radio can be used w/speakers to adjust volume remotely




MDS Series Digital / Analog Radio Loudspeakers

The MDS-1400/2400/3400 Series are wireless, programmable, receive-only radio speakers that can be used with any Analog or DMR Digital (DMR Tier2 TDMA) portable or mobile radio programmed in the UHF band (400-470MHz) for remote broadcasting & announcements. System will allow a user with a portable radio within range to transmit audio from their radio to one speaker, a select number of speakers, or all speakers within a building/area.

The speaker system consists of the speaker and a Bluetooth USB module for your PC that is used to program the speaker. The MDS Series uses a plug-in power supply that converts the AC voltage to 12VDC to power the speakers. MDS-1400/2400 versions can be either wall-mounted or stood on a book shelf. The MDS-3400 is a circular speaker that is hard mounted into a wall or ceiling.

Use wherever wireless broadcasting or announcement loudspeakers are needed but where it may be hard to install wiring for a PA system:   Schools, Factories, Bus/Train Terminals, Shopping Centers, Large Stores, Parking Lots, Golf Courses, Amusement Parks, Warehouse & Distribution Centers, and Public Address Alerting. The plug and play design means there is no installation of pulling wires through walls thus reducing costs and saving time.


MDS Speaker Spec Sheet – Download Here

MDS Speaker User Manual – Download Here

Compatible With

DMR Tier II Digital Radios

Control volume with MDP-6424 – More Information Here


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