TB-8000 Series Base Station

TB-8102 VHF (136-174 MHz)
TB-8402A UHF (400-470 MHz)
TB-8402B UHF (450-520 MHz)
  • 512 Channel Capability
  • Adjustable RF Output Power
  • Multiple Scan Modes
  • TX Time out Timer
  • Built-in 10 Amp Power Supply
  • Fully Assembled, Ready to Use


TB-8000 Series Base Station

This Base Station Series are Delivered Fully Assembled. The TB-2000/8000 Series base station mobiles provide affordability and durability for your in-vehicle or dispatch applications. With crisp, continuous and high quality communications, you can have real time contact with drivers to ensure that your business is running efficiently. In addition, Maxon’s radios provide a wide range of voice and data features and the capability of adding a Bluetooth mobile dongle kit for extended out-of-vehicle range. Package includes: Radio, power supply, desktop microphone, mounted in cabinet. Additional accessories sold separately.

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