SD-670D Series DMR – RF Data Modem

SD-671D V2 – VHF (150-174 MHZ)
 SD-674D U2 – UHF (410-470 mhz)
UHF & VHF Now Available
  • Power Output Programmable Per Channel:
    10/5/2W for VHF, 5/2W for UHF
  • DMR Tier II TDMA/Analog
  • 32 Channels (Dip Switch)
  • 9V to 24V DC Operation
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Modem Already Integrated into Radio
  • RF Communication Data Speed 9600bps (OTA)
  • RS-232C Communication Speed 115,200bps/9600bps
  • Digital Voice uses AMBE+2 Voice Codec
  • DE-15 Pin Female Connector
  • Built-In AT Commands
  • 3 Year Warranty
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SD-670D Series DMR – RF Data Modem

The Maxon SD-670D Series of radios are durable, reliable and designed to meet the needs for a variety of wireless applications in either Digital or Analog mode. Digital uses AMBE3000 vocoder chip with AMBE+2 voice compression algorithm.

The modules incorporate the most requested mechanical footprint and BNC antenna connection. Transmit power settings between two, five, and ten watts provide the power needed on any job and the LED indicator gives instant on-sight status of the radio’s operation. Combine that with low current drain and fast transmitter/receiver attack times for operation in the harshest of system demands. The die cast aluminum cabinet/lid provides resistance to RF interference; and gives exceptional environmental durability in the most extreme conditions.

Whether implementing a new system or installing into an existing system, the Maxon family of data telemetry radios have been the choice of OEM and end-users worldwide for over 35 years.

Featured Applications

Water/Waste Treatment Plants, Oil and Gas Field SCADA, Security/Alarm Systems, Gate Systems, Remote Controls, Sign Control, Weather Monitoring, Irrigation Systems, Emergency Call Boxes, Low Power Digital Repeaters (2 Users)



TB-150BN – VHF (148-174 MHz) 6″ Antenna, BNC
TB-450BN – UHF (400-512 MHz) 6″ Uncut Antenna, BNC
G8BI – Mag Mount Base, 12′ coax, BNC Connector; Requires QW152 or QW450
G8BI20 – Mag Mount Base, 20′ coax, BNC Connector; Requires QW152 or QW450
QW152 – 18″ VHF Wave Antenna (NMO Type): Use with G8BI or G8BI20
QW450 – 6″ UHF Wave Antenna (NMO Type): Use with G8BI or G8BI20


ACC-HSNF – Aluminum Black Anodized Pin Style – Flat Mount


ACC-670/N – Programming Software
ACC-6016E – Programming Cable (USB)


SD-670D Series Spec Sheet – DOWNLOAD
SD-670D Series User Manual – DOWNLOAD


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