UDM-240 Combo Series

  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band Zigbee Wireless Protocol
  • License Free
  • Communicate up to 320′ Between ZH & ZV
  • Communicate up to 160′ Between ZH Units
  • Intercom Capability Between ZH Units
  • Dynamic Group or Individual Selectable Calling
  • Operating Time up to 8 Hours
  • Adjustable Audio Volume
  • Desktop Charger (optional vehicle mount)
  • Displays Channel & Volume Status
  • Earphone Jack (ZH) 3.5mm
  • Group/Individual ID Mode Selectable
  • Separate Mic Gain & Audio Adjustments on ZV
  • IP-67 Rating


UDM-240 Combo Series 2-in-1 Communication

UDM-240ZH Handheld & UDM-240ZV Mobile/Base Station Repeater
UDM-240ZV Interfaces to all major brands of Mobile Radios.

The UDM Series provides both on-site and/or repeater mode communications. Ideal for dispatch centers, toll booths, small offices, electrical/tower crews, or anywhere you need to stay connected.

Package includes: UDM-240ZH – Speaker Microphone and Charger & UDM-240ZV – Interface Module, Antenna, and Interface Cables. 

If you have questions about the Maxon UDM Series Radio, please contact us.



TA-EMI – Ear Bud Piece Speaker w/3.5mm Straight Plug
TA-EH6 – “C” Style Earphone w/3.5mm Straight Plug
TA-ET4 – Discreet (clear audio cord) In Ear Speaker w/3.5mm Straight Plug
TA-ET4E – Discreet (clear audio cord) “C” Style In Ear Speaker w/3.5mm Straight Plug


UDM-AN – Mag Mount 2.4 Ghz Antenna; SMA; Use with UDM-ZV


UDM-CHB – Charger – Desk Top or Vehicle Mount (PSUDM-110)
UDM-MB – Mounting Bracket for use with UDM-CHB


UDM-CJA – 12VDC Lighter Adapter – 12-24V Input; 5V 800mA Output


UDM Series Spec Sheet – DOWNLOAD
UDM-240ZV User Manual – DOWNLOAD
UDM-240ZH User Manual – DOWNLOAD
UDM-240ZV Interface Manual – DOWNLOAD

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