UDM-240ZH Wireless Speaker Microphone/Intercom

  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band – Zigbee Wireless
  • License Free
  • 16 Channels, 64,000 ID’s Per Channel
  • Communicate up to 160′
  • Desktop Charger
  • Displays Channel & Volume Status
  • Earphone Jack 3.5mm (Receive Only)
  • Group/Individual ID Mode Selectable
  • IP-67 rating
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UDM-240ZH Group Communication System

The UDM Series provides a reliable network for group communication. With this product all parties can offer a give-and-take style of participation. The UDM-240ZH provides superior audio for all participants, ensuring the highest quality in communication. The interactive device is ideal for tour groups, speaker presentations, restaurants, job training, consultation, and more.

Unlike other devices that are receive-only, the UDM lets participants respond using their device as a speaker microphone. As a result, all participants can enjoy an interactive conversation.

The UDM is ideal for high noise situations, with the combination of one of our receive-only ear pieces. Everyone involved has the ease of casual conversation with high-quality audio. Not only can everyone be heard, but the units have a range of up to 160 feet of communication, allowing flexibility in a tour type environment.

The UDM-240ZV package comes complete with the speaker microphone, charger, and 110V power supply. As long as you have your radio, you’ll never find yourself out of touch with your staff again.

If you have questions about the Maxon UDM Series Communication System, please contact us.



TA-EMI – Ear Bud Piece Speaker w/3.5mm Straight Plug
TA-EH6 – “C” Style Earphone w/3.5mm Straight Plug
TA-ET4 – Discreet (clear audio cord) In Ear Speaker w/3.5mm Straight Plug
TA-ET4E – Discreet (clear audio cord) “C” Style In Ear Speaker w/3.5mm Straight Plug


UDM-AN – Mag Mount 2.4 Ghz Antenna; SMA; Use with UDM-ZV


UDM-CHB – Charger – Desk Top or Vehicle Mount (PSUDM-110) UDM-MB – Mounting Bracket for use with UDM-CHB


UDM-CJA – 12VDC Lighter Adapter – 12-24V Input; 5V 800mA Output


UDM Series Spec Sheet – DOWNLOAD
UDM-240ZV User Manual – DOWNLOAD
UDM-240ZH User Manual – DOWNLOAD
UDM-240ZV Interface Manual – DOWNLOAD

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